alton-grange-pics-as-of-sep-2016-1The Alton Grange property is nestled in the Shaws Creek Sub-watershed, a large important headwater area of the Credit River system. This 350-acre property is one of twenty in the upper watershed containing significant natural heritage resources.

The Alton Grange contains provincially significant wetlands, the confluence of two branches of the Credit River (Shaws Creek and the other starting near Orangeville), and rare bird and plant species. The property also hosts one of the wells that supply water to the village of Alton.

Urban development, recreation use, climate change, sewage and storm water infrastructure and aggregate extraction are placing increasing pressure on the sustainability on the Credit River water, to such an extent that the middle and lower portions of the river have been given a rating either “Fair” or “Poor”. The Alton Grange is a significant contributor to the “Good” rating of the upper watershed.

As you enjoy the trails in the Grange you will realize that protecting this environmentally significant property is critical to sustaining the upper Credit River system for future generations.

Spending time in the Grange is a great way to connect with nature!  There are some risks to be aware of, however, including of course being safe around water, which always poses a risk and may be especially risky for children or adults who cannot swim or who are poor swimmers.  Be aware that currents can be stronger than expected and exercise caution around the water. 

Other potential risks are illnesses you can get from ticks and mosquitoes, both of which may be present in the Grange.  These illness are considered vector-borne diseases and can be transmitted by bites from these pests.  For more information on mosquito and tick-borne diseases see the Peel Public Heath page.  For specific information on Lyme disease, which has been detected at low levels in Caledon, follow the links to their Lyme disease page.