Walking the Grange. Click on the Trail Map for a larger view
Walking the Grange. Click on the Trail Map for a larger view

NOTE: As of October 30, 2021 we have closed the boardwalk section of these trails.  Please avoid walking on this section until further notice.  Thank you!

Walking the Grange Access to The Alton Grange.

There are four access points to the Grange.

  1.  The primary access point, the Station Street entrance, the parking lot is off Cardwell.
  2.  Porterfield Road, approximately ½ way between Queen and Beechgrove Side Road. Parking is on the road.
  3.  The corner of Porterfield and Beechgrove roads, parking on the road
  4.  Beechgrove Side Road, west of the Credit River. Parking s on the road.

The Trails

Each trail provides a unique experience and will give you an appreciation of the diversity of this unique area.

The Blue Trail, originally a Side Trail to the Bruce Trail, takes you from Alton to , starts at the Cardwell Street entrance, and ends at the Porterfield & Beechgrove entrance. The trail takes you through mixed forest – note the pond on the left just after the Cardwell Street entrance – you may seen turtles basking in the sun, across Shaws Creek, through the wet lands, across The Credit River and through Mixed forest again.

The Green Trail is accessed off the Blue trail provides two loops taking you through mixed forestry and on the edge of the wetlands.

The Yellow Trail, access either from the Green Trail or Off of Porterfield follows a bush road and will take you though mixed forest.

The Purple trail is a short trail taking you to a view of the credit river.

The Pink Trail descends from the green trail and provides a pleasant way to loop back using Beechgrove and the Yellow Trail.

Links to other Trails

The Pinnacle – From the Cardwell Street entrance, Turn north and follow Cardwell to Edmund. West on Edmund, to Main turning north to meet Queen. West on Queen to Amelia. Take the lane to the Alton Mill. At the Alton Mill it turn sharply right and enters the MillCroft Inn properly and starts a long ascent to the Alton Pinnacle with views across the valley and the village. At this point it meets the northern terminus of the Grand Valley Trail.