Invasive Species are mostly non-native species that out-compete our native species for resources and dominate space.  Typically, non-native invasive species prefer disturbed habitats (trails, parking lots), are aggressive, have high reproduction rates, travel easily and far by human, wildlife, wind and water.  They lack natural predators.  They can have a serious economic impact.  They can supplant natural food sources for animals.

Taking on an invasive species management plan for the Alton Grange is no small task.  It will last longer than a lifetime and require ongoing diligence.  Invasive species management isn’t just about invasive species, it is about forest management and how the public uses and accesses the property.  It is about restoration of natural biodiversity here.  It is about community commitment to a natural ideal about what the Alton Grange means to us and what it should be.

Some Invasive Species currently found in the Alton Grange are:  Emerald Ash Borer, Phragmites, Garlic Mustard, Dog Strangling Vine, Common Buckthorn, Manitoba Maple.

You can help in a number of ways – report any sightings preferably with location and photo, help out during one of our work days, take actions that help prevent the spread of these invaders.